We transform your music, into your business

How it works?

You make the music

We’ll help you grow your fan base

And to generate income

So you can keep creating music!

How do we attract fans?

We are experts in Music Marketing. We use tools like Facebook and Google ads, social media and content strategies to find the right people and turn them into real fans.

How do we monetize?

We’re experts in monetization. We’ll make your fans buy merchandising, VIP content and tickets for your gigs.


Cleverseed helped me massively in navigating complex goals (as a musician and music teacher) and how I might use social media effectively to achieve them.
They are fluent enough with the data involved to address nuanced issues like "It seems like the people we are targeting with this are watching to the end, but not clicking through at a high rate. This probably means that they like the content, but don't know what to do at the end. Should they follow you? Or share it?

They are attentive, responsive, and knowledgeable about their field.


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